Specializing in Functional & Integrative Medical Approach, For Which Conventional Medicine Has Failed Or Has Nothing Left to Offer.

How We Can Help

Often times the conventional medical approach provided to first responders, civil service, and military personnel are protocoled and not individualized based on the person's unique scenario. Often times, these people are dependent on union or profession guided medical protocols, which often are not the most efficacious remedy for a persons individualized needs.

We must also recognize the enormous physical, mental, emotional, and FINANCIAL stress these medical conditions can place not only on the individual, but their families ...

Which is why 'Renewing Our Heroes' was formed, to aid in the lessening of these burdens and help our Heroes AND their families get back to being themselves and restoring the highest quality of life possible.

Don't let your doctor or surgeon tell you "there is nothing else we can do"
There are many other alternatives that your physician may not be educated on ...

We utilize many Integrative and Functional Medical techniques such as:

+ Nutrient, Vitamin, antioxidant Optimizing

+ Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

+ Hormone Optimizing and Balancing

+ Stem Cell Therapy

+ IV Therapies

+ Detox and Cleansing Therapy

+ Lifestyle Modification

+ Proper Dietary Guidance

Contact us and tell us your story to see if we may be able to help you or someone you know