Joseph Radich

Founder of Renewing Our Heroes

About Us

The proud son of an active New York City firefighter, Joseph Radich is the founder and clinical direc­tor of RenewU Medical located in Manhattan and Palm Beach, Florida. He is an NCCPA board certi­fied Physician Assistant practicing in a scope of medicine that he is a huge proponent of.

Working in a Holistic, Integrative, Alternative & Anti-Aging Medical Practice in West Palm Beach, Florida, he educates his patients on the best way to help your body take care of itself. His love for the complexity and functionality of the human body is what intrigued and motivated him to become a Physician Assistant.

But before pursuing his career, Joseph grew up in a household where public service was considered a noble calling. Some of his fondest memories as a child were those of visiting his father's station house and seeing firsthand the selfless dedication, bravery, compassion and camaraderie of those who lay their lives on the line - day in and day out - for their fellow citizens.

Inspired by those experiences, he created the Renewing Our Heroes charitable health initiative, the goal of which is to enable first responders, military and civil service personnel to obtain the alterna­tive medical care they would ordinarily be unable to afford.

In other words, a way for citizens to give back to those who have given so much in return.